Back to Zero

After having two phone interviews for two positions, I am now back to zero actual positions that I am being considered for. One position was put on hold and the other has chosen to move forward in the interview process without me. I need to email them to find out why, but my guess is that they had some folks who were a better fit.

When I told Grace I was back to zero, she asked me how many I started with. I told her two. It was sort of a surreal conversation because I did not give her any context, but she kept asking questions.

I am still meeting with people and expanding my network, but not much has materialized from this process yet. I am also trying to ramp up my “on-line applications,” so I can at least get in the running for some things.

I also need to broaden my search beyond open positions, and seek out companies that might need my services.

On the old company front, I’ve been speaking with my old boss, and he may be putting something together that would include me, but even he acknowledges that it might not be the best thing for me to do. But of course that assumes I have some other options. At this moment in time my calendar is pretty clean.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen