2000th Post

On October 16, 2016 I published my first daily thoughts post. It was the kickoff to a series of daily posts, created by audio, where I would share what was on my mind.

The audio creation of posts was harder than I thought, so that method of publishing only lasted a few days. The daily part was harder too. Over the years I have not always written these posts daily, but I have tried to go back and publish posts for most days. Even that is not always easy, but I've gotten better at that more recently.

How many days of calendar time did it take me to publish 2000 posts? 2725 days, which means I published something on 73% of the days in the past 7-1/2 years.

It is interesting (to me) to compare my first 1000 posts to my second 1000 posts because it shows an acceleration.

I published 1000 posts in 1531 days, publishing on 65% of those days. I reached that milestone on December 24, 2020. At that point I re-dedicated myself to making sure there was a post every day. Or nearly.

And I did a whole lot better. My second 1000 posts only took 1194 days. So still not quite daily, but I published posts representing 84% of those days.

The number of posts published with the observations tag (including this one)

Looking back over the last 3-1/4 years of the last 1000 posts, a lot has changed and it all appears in the background of these posts. That's the thing about these observation posts. They are not about what happens (mostly). They are about what I thought or observed while those things were happening. And somewhere along the way I changed the title of these posts from daily thoughts to observations.

My job has been stable (same company, but changed roles), but there have been many changes in life. My mom passed away. We moved from Durham NC to Chattanooga TN. Deborah completed her PhD. We got a dog, Pepper. And we just moved again in Chattanooga to a 1958 brick ranch on Signal Mountain. We also took our first international trip post-pandemic, to Greece.

It will be fun to look back in another 1000 posts to review what has been going on in my world.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen