100 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Social Media

1. You are tweeting press releases.

2. You are not following ANYONE back on Twitter.

3. You are not answering questions directed at you on Twitter.

4. You are not listening for Twitter mentions or replies.

5. You are not listening for tweets about the company without the @ sign.

6. You are not tweeting often enough.

7. You are not tweeting anything that speaks to your customers and prospects.

8. You are not tweeting anything of value, either educational or entertainment.

9. You are not letting people know your company is on Twitter.

10. You are not making it easy for employees to retweet company posts.

11. You are not providing a list of company employees on Twitter.

12. You are not using Twitter lists to promote industry influencers.

13. You are not using lists to show industry influencers that you are paying attention to them.

14. You are not retweeting industry influencers.

15. You are not following customers on Twitter.

16. You are not retweeting customers on Twitter.

17. You do not have a private Twitter list of your competitors.

18. You are not searching for industry keywords on Twitter.

19. You are not searching for product and brand names on Twitter.

20. You are not searching for company executive mentions on Twitter.

21. You are not searching for suppliers on Twitter.

22. You are not searching for company locations on Twitter.

23. You are not looking at your Twitter analytics.

24. You are too focused on follower numbers, rather than engagement.

25. You are not using images in your tweets.

26. You are not using videos in your tweets, now that they autoplay.

27. You are not using links in your tweets.

28. You are not using hashtags in your tweets.

29. You are not tagging industry influencers in Twitter images.

30. You are not updating you cover image at least quarterly.

31. You are not thinking about how your cover image appears on mobile devices.

32. You are not using keywords in your company bio.

33. You are not thinking about how the links you share appear on mobile devices.

34. You are not tweeting links directly to landing pages to improve offer conversion.

35. You are not using Twitter Cards to capture leads directly from Twitter.

36. You are not considering Twitter advertising to expand your reach.

37. You are not using Twitter tailored audiences to communicate with customers.

38. You are not using Twitter tailered audiences to move known prospects further through the buying cycle.

39. You are not blogging regularly enough.

40. You are blogging about your products too often.

41. You are not answering your prospects’ common questions on your blog.

42. You are not trying to solve prospects’ and customers’ business problems on your blog.

43. You have not a established a company voice that comes through on your blog.

44. You are not re-purposing all the content you have created on your blog.

45. You are not using your internal subject matter experts to create content on your blog.

46. You are not giving blog visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your blog by email.

47. You are not including a call to action on every blog post.

48. You are not publishing a variety of content on your blog including embedded audio and video.

49. You are not publishing infographics on your blog.

50. You are not making your blog posts easy to share.

51. You are not serving multiple audiences on your blog with content organized by category.

51. You are not creating persona-based content on your blog.

53. You are not considering a global audience on your blog.

54. You are not thinking of your blog as the hub of your social media efforts.

55. You are not curating industry influencers on your blog in weekly or monthly industry wrap-ups.

56. You are not writing blog posts that add industry relevance to current news stories.

57. You are not asking several industry influencers to answer the same question to get one blog post.

58. You are not asking industry influencers to write guest blog posts.

59. You are not publishing blog posts relevant to the location of major industry events.

60. You are not liveblogging industry events.

61. You are not wrapping up the top takeaways from major industry events in a blog post.

62. You are not considering how your blog looks on a mobile device.

63. You are not measuring the effectiveness of your blog against business goals.

64. You are not using Facebook to connect with customers and prospects.

65. You are not posting enough video directly on Facebook, as per the latest updates to the news feed algorithm.

66. You are not sharing behind the scenes stories and other content exclusively on Facebook.

67. You are not sharing blog posts on Facebook.

68. You are not posting links on Facebook that take visitors directly to a content landing page.

69. You are not updating your Facebook cover image at least quarterly.

70. You are still posting meme-style content just to get people to like your Facebook posts.

71. You are not thinking how your posts and links to any pages will appear on mobile devices.

72. You are not using Facebook advertising to increase the reach of your posts.

73. You are not using Facebook custom audiences to reinforce you message with your known prospects.

74. You are not using Facebook custom audiences to reach your customers.

75. You are not using Facebook Insights to measure the platform’s effectiveness against business goals.

76. You are not posting regular updates to your LinkedIn company page.

77. You are not targeting your LinkedIn updates by things like seniority or function.

78. You are not creating showcase pages focused on products, divisions or big ideas that connect to your LinkedIn company page.

79. You are not encouraging your employees to share company updates on LinkedIn.

80. You are not providing employees with suggested keyword-rich descriptions about your company for their LinkedIn profiles.

81. You are not helping subject matter experts blog on the LinkedIn platform.

82. You are not curating LinkedIn Groups for your employees.

83. You are not posting jobs on LinkedIn

84. You are not exploring advertising on LinkedIn, including sponsored updates

85. You are not using Instagram to tell your company’s story in a visual manner.

86. You are not posting photos expressing your company culture to Instagram.

87. You are not using two or three hashtags on your Instagram photos to get your images in front of your audience.

88. You are not using video on Instagram.

89. You are not exploring advertising on Instagram now that the advertising platform is open.

90. You are not using Pinterest to organize your visual content according to relevant themes.

91. You are not encouraging your customers and advocates to re-pin your pins to their own boards on Pinterest.

92. You are not exploring Pinterest advertising.

93. You are not paying attention to Snapchat as a way to reach a teen or millenial audience, even if you don’t sell to them.

94. You are not paying attention to WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

95. You don’t know what Periscope and Meerkat are.

96. You are not considering a global audience and looking at Chinese-based social networks, among others.

97. You are buying followers at any price.

98. You are not making your social media channels easy to find on your website.

99. You are not including your social media channels in all prospect and customer communication touchpoints.

100. You are posting anything at all to Google+.

This post originally appeared on the Oracle Marketing Cloud blog.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen