Wilco Will Love You Baby

Photo by Spencer Tweedy

This week the new Wilco album came out and as a fan of the band for many years, I figured one post to compile lots of information and links would be required. The above photo was taken by Jeff Tweedy’s 14 year old son, while the family was on vacation in Los Angeles. They were there of course because Wilco was playing 3 sold out shows and his family travels whenever possible.

Also while in LA, the band appeared on the Conan O’Brien show. The day after the show, a clip was available on line. It has since been removed. People actually found my post when Wilco appeared on Conan from 3 years ago while searching for the new clip. Alas, that clip has been removed from YouTube as well.

I like the new album, but I need to listen to it more. I’m not going to break it down song by song, as I don’t do CD reviews. Plenty of others do that, and the reviews are easy to find (I have linked to one below). Not only did I not pre-order the CD from the band as I usually do, but I did not even purchase a CD. I bought the MP3s from Amazon on the day of release. It just doesn’t make sense to buy a piece of plastic for one time use (copy the songs to my hard drive).

Some links:

Album review from Aquarium Drunkard music blog (takes it’s name from Wilco lyric)

New York Times article about Jeff and the band where Jeff Tweedy reveals he wishes he was like David Lee Roth.

Some Questions for Jeff Tweedy from New York Times Magazine where he calls out Barack Obama for ipodgate.

Interview with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on WBEZ Chicago

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen