Which Hotel?

The snow started falling heavier. The wind was blowing. I pulled the car up to the hotel lobby door.

Deborah got the dog on his leash and helped him out of the car. She grabbed her suitcase and before heading inside, walked the dog over to explore the bushes. The temperature was dropping.

I carried the rest of the bags inside. Our fast-food dinner was dangling from one hand. I put all the bags on a luggage cart while Deborah talked to the woman at the desk. There was no reservation.

We were at the wrong hotel. Ours was two blocks away. I put everything back in the car. The dog stepped on the mexican pizza. The car was getting coated with ice.

We drove to the right hotel and did it all again. Dinner was still mostly edible. Deborah heated hers in the microwave.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen