When We Get Home

Vacation is a time in limbo when you can put everything off. Big things. Little things. It is surprising how many conversations begin with when we get home. There’s optimism in that statement. It implies that things will change. Have changed. Might change.

We’re going to eat healthier. We’re going be more active. Together. We’re going to spend our time intentionally. We’re going to take music lessons. We’re going to get more organized. We’re going to search more earnestly for a house. Once we decide where we want to live.

But there are also all of the things we put off before the trip because of their Covid risk. I was so concerned that our trip would be impacted if one of us got Covid beforehand, we did a lot of staying home. Now I need to get my annual physical. I need to go to the dentist.

With all of that change, we might need to plan another vacation.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen