Welcome Back to Comboland

In the late 80s there was an album (yes, I have it on vinyl) called Welcome to Comboland that highlighted the latest NC bands including the Accelerators, the Connells and Don Dixon. With reunions of the dBs, Arrogance (with Don Dixon) and others, there is a resurgence of the Comboland tag. See the below article from the News and Observer and watch the YouTube video of The Fabulous Knobs featuring Terry Anderson, Jack Cornell and David Enloe who went on to form The Woods.

Next time you’re on YouTube.com, search for the term comboland. But don’t do it unless you have some time to kill, because you’ll want to watch everything that turns up — an amazing assortment of 1980s-vintage videos of Glass Moon, Arrogance, PKM, Fabulous Knobs and other long-ago local favorites, filmed by Steve Boyle.

If all goes according to plan, this will be part of a documentary called “Return to Comboland.”

“I put the stuff on YouTube as a test, to see if anybody cared,” says Boyle, an Emmy-winning filmmaker who lives in Nashville, Tenn. “If not, fine, they’d all go back in the closet.

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Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen