Welcome 2021

While it is easy to watch the past year fade in the rear view mirror and kick it on its way out, it feels like a better sentiment to welcome 2021 on a positive note. Everyone is so hopeful for this new year, but that puts even more pressure on what is sure to be a challenging year.

The virus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are continuing to grow from COVID-19. The vaccine rollout is continuing to go as horribly as many expected due to lack of federal leadership. Many people are tired of quarantines, fearful of lockdowns, and just don’t think masks are worth enduring. All of this only lengthens the time we will be suffering due to the pandemic.

We will have a new president in three weeks, but the best we can hope for is a return to the norms of common decency and a leader for the entire country, not just those who voted for him. But we should not expect much in the way of governing, as our system of gridlock is too entrenched. Too many people in power benefit from being in power and they are just not willing to give that up for the sake of the country.

I do not fear that we will become a socialist nation, but it’s just as unlikely that we will return to a functioning democracy (or republic).

The best that we can hope for is that we can make some progress towards improving the economy and people’s lives overall. Once the narcissistic, white supremacist, serial rapist is out of office, maybe we have a chance in helping others that don’t look like us, whether they are people of color, women, or even someone in a different color hat.

Welcome 2021. Is it too early to start looking forward to 2022?

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen