Unconventional Times Call for Unconventional Marketing

David Armano is the VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass in Chicago. He describes his blog, Logic+Emotion, as existing at the intersection of business + experience design—where passive consumers become active participants. His posts are also shared with the audience of Advertising Age, both in print and online. Last week’s post examines the difference between starting a personal blog and embarking on a large corporate marketing campaign. He was able to take an unconventional approach to his blog that would not have been appropriate in many marketing organizations.

As an individual, my blog is one of the most effective manifestations of “marketing” I could have produced for myself. I have a respectable audience that comes back as opposed to visiting it once, never to return again. People participate through comments and the content is distributable. But imagine if I started it the same way many large organizations launch conventional marketing initiatives. What would that have looked like?

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His message is clear. Sometimes marketers get so handcuffed by planning, focus groups, ROI and process that they never leave the gate, and the project never gets off the ground. He wisely states that sometimes the development of the project itself and the skills learned along the way are the ROI.

And his title is very appropriate. In these unconventional times, marketers need to look at projects in new and unconventional ways.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen