Trip to the Aquarium

NC Aquarium
Grace reaches for a shark

We finished up our trip to the beach with some time at the hotel pool and a trip to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Check out the pictures from the whole trip, or just start with the ones from the aquarium.

When we got home, I asked the kids some questions about their favorite things from the trip. I had hoped that they would spend some time and draw pictures or create multi-media projects using pictures and video, but in the end they just wrote the answers to the questions.

Favorite Activity:
Grace: the beach
Peter: playing in the waves

Favorite Meal:
Grace: calamari
Peter: Michael’s Seafood Restaurant

Favorite Thing They Saw:
Grace: devil rays
Peter: Grace going under the waves

Most Unusual Thing They Saw:
Grace: sand digger shells
Peter: heat lightning

Favorite Sea Creature:
Grace: shark
Peter: pet fish

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen