Travelogue Day 1

Over the next 10 days I will be taking 4 back-to-back trips. I will be writing about these trips with photos and links as available. I will also track my mileage along the way. 3 of these trips are cars trips, while the fourth is an airline trip.

I am going to Asheville, NC, Kure Beach, NC (twice) and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since I recently started a new job, I have limited vacation time. Meg and the kids are going to the beach for a week, while I am joining them on either end. In this same time period, I have 2 work related trips to Asheville and Grand Rapids.

There may be times that I am without an internet connection, so I will be writing this off-line and posing it when I get a chance.

Ride: Chapel Hill to Asheville, NC (230 miles)
Total Miles: 230

We left Chapel Hill around 6am to go to Asheville for a photo shoot. We needed to shoot several doors on high end homes in the area, some with new hardware, and some with existing hardware that will be Photoshopped out.

Things went well, and pretty uneventful. We got the shots we needed, but it was nearly 90 degrees. That’s pretty hot for the mountains.

We ate dinner at a trendy restaurant downtown called Table. I had seared tuna that was delicious. There menu changes daily, utilizing many local ingredients including heirloom tomatoes and apples.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen