The Future of Modern Marketing As Seen by Global Experts

Now that we have looked back at the past year of Modern Marketing we can look forward and predict the future.

Predicting the future can sometimes be a tricky business. Sometimes we look forward to the far-off vistas that populate the world of science fiction, but other times we feel like that future is already here.

The future of Modern Marketing is just around the corner, especially when we consider how to approach 2016. A common theme emerged from our global marketing experts that takes its cues from that sci-fi future. It is efficiency.

There will be more information created than ever before and marketers have to break through that clutter with not just more content, but better content. More efficient content that serves the right audience.

More efficient use of technology will be required to find those audiences. Understand those audiences. Communicate with those audiences. And when we say audience, we mean customers, prospects, partners, advocates, and even readers.

And these conversations can’t happen without data. Lots and lots of data. Remember that term we used to use, big data? It feels quaint compared to the amount of data that will be available to marketers in 2016. But again, the right data must be used in the right way to make a difference.

And speaking of data, we asked our marketing prognosticators to add a bit of data rigor to this exercise of looking into the future. We have seen too many wild predictions over the years that felt like they were based on nothing more than the cold, empty vacuum of space. Most of their predictions are based on a published statistic or data result that points modern marketers in a certain direction.

Are you seeing these same trends or do you have your own predictions?

This post originally appeared on the Modern Marketing Blog.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen