The Feelies Back Together for the 4th

Thanks to Ayse for posting, here’s an article from the NY Times about the Feelies getting back together for Independence Day shows and the potential to record some new songs.

Back when punk and new wave were new, the Feelies might well have been the band with the oddest calendar: they became known for playing on holidays. They might have appeared on the Fourth of July or Flag Day or Valentine’s Day. Or not, since they also went for months or years between shows.

When they did perform, they pushed the rock ’n’ roll basics — two or three chords, an unswerving beat — toward the ecstatic. They defined those few chords with intricately interlocking parts, bearing down on them to turn repetition into a frenetic rave-up. “Our manager used to wonder if we were going to explode onstage,” said Bill Million, one of this New Jersey band’s two founding guitarists, singers and producers, along with Glenn Mercer.

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And for any late 80s music and movie geeks, it should be noted that the Feelies appeared as the band in the high school reunion scene of Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild. The director also always threatened to make a movie about the band called Night of the Living Feelies.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen