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The Warriors (imdb)
This classic 1979 New York gang movie takes place “in the future” where gang members wear colorful outfits, and the fights are choreographed so no one really gets hurt. It features the great scene where the weaselly guy (Luther from 48 Hours) clicks the bottles together and says, “Warriors, come out and plaaaaaaay.” We were watching a burned copy of the DVD, and it hung up near the end. We had to go to YouTube and watch the end from the videogame.

Borat (imdb)
I didn’t have high expectations for this, but it is very funny. The things that people find offensive in the movie are really social commentary and present these views about foreigners, and others, as they really exist. I was bothered more by the idea that he pretended to be shooting a documentary and duped the subjects into believing he was from Kazakhstan.

Idiocracy (imdb)
The movie by Mike Judge has a better concept than execution. Our country becomes a dystopian society in the future because the stupid people keep having babies and the smart people keep talking themselves out of it. Some funny bits, plus the president and his cabinet wear large medallions that recall Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav.

Little Miss Sunshine (imdb)
Alan Arkin stole this movie. Too bad he wasn’t in it more.

The Breakup (imdb)
A friend lent me this movie, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it. I am not usually much for Chick Flicks or Romantic Comedies, but since I like both Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston, I figured it would be worth watching on a cold, rainy Saturday. I also wasn’t too thrilled about the subject matter. It was both entertaining and realistic. Some the raw feelings expressed did not sound like scripted exchanges, but reflect a real breakdown in communication between men and women.

The movie was directed by NC boy Peyton Reed, and includes such standouts as Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story). It also includes a live concert from the Old 97s, which is very cool.

I’m Not There (website, imdb)
This has been called a Bob Dylan biopic, but it is better described as a movie that uses Dylan’s life and songs as jumping off points for the multiple characters. The characters, storylines and timelines (as well as filmmaking styles, and even color and black and white) are interwoven to present a sense of life, not a narrative story. In different times of our lives, we are different people, and the choices we make can cause our lives to careen off in new directions. Definitely a movie that makes you think, and wonder what you stand for.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen