Overzealous Project

In our new house we have an area on the upstairs hallway that is perfect to create a book nook. It will have a comfy, beanbag-style chair, a rug, an interesting selection of books and maybe even a dedicated music space. I was excited about creating this space.

One evening I spent several hours making a spreadsheet of the books that could go in the book nook. I got a little overzealous about the project. I was looking for short books, essays, short stories, poetry. Basically anything that someone could take off the shelf and read for a few minutes and not necessarily get caught up in long narrative. My choices were interesting, eclectic and filled with things that I wanted to read.

When I shared this with Deborah, she reminded that this is not a hotel, or even a library. People are not going to come over and go see what new book have been stocked in the nook. She also said she had lots of those kinds of books that could stock the shelves. Frankly, I did too.

So like many things in our new house, we (I) need to slow down. We'll put the books we have in the space initially and add books as we can. There is that big credit we have at the local used books store from turning in lots of Deborah's school books.

I'll look at the spreadsheet of books again in a couple of months.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen