Notes About the Wind

It is very windy in the Greek islands that many Greek flags are shredded and frayed.

Wind speed as it relates to seafaring is measured in Beauforts, a scale created in 1805 by Irish hydrographer, Francis Beaufort. It combines wind speed, wave height and sea state in a single number.

Our first day of sailing was cancelled because the wind/sea was at 9 Beauforts (47-54 mph winds). We couldn't until it was down to 6 Beauforts (25-31 mph).

Our Folegandros cliffhouse faces the north sea side of the island. There is constant wind against the windows and doors that heavy rocks are required to keep them closed, not just opened.

A 3-day windstorm that measured 7 Beauforts cancelled all the ferries in the Cyclades, delaying our departure for several days.

The movement of the air is the most notable element of the wind, but when a long, sustained windstorm ends, you realize how noisy it was. It is now so quiet.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen