Neighborhood Infrastructure

There's so much infrastructure in a residential neighborhood, yet we hardly ever notice it. A handful of fire hydrants is just the start.

The old part of my neighborhood has power lines, but there's a point at the edge of phase II where all the power lines go underground. There are several large power junctions on a few front lawns. These underground lines run to every house. There are old style phone and cable poles every three houses or so. And if you get fiber internet, that comes from another series of boxes buried throughout the neighborhood.

And then there's water. We are on city water and sewer, so all of that is buried under the street and connects to each house. Each house has a water meter in the front yard. Mine seems to be the only one with a wifi connection. And there are manhole covers and sewer grates to catch the runoff water. Those grates don't run into the the city sewer system, but into pipes that run behind the houses to our flood plane. Houses on the other side of the street have grates in their yards to catch the water to more easily send it to the runoff system.

Water is a big problem as this system in about 25 years old and some of the pipes between houses may be leaking, causing the dirt to fall in around them.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen