More Photos from Penland

I have uploaded more photos today from my class and stay at Penland. The links below are the same as yesterday, as I have added new photos to the same slide shows.

Yesterday I was shooting paper negatives in my pinhole camera, while today I was shooting ortho film negatives. I also tried my pinhole cap for my 35mm film camera and shot regular black and white film in that. I will process that when I get home, so I can get that back as scans and negatives. We don’t have the chemicals to process film, because that is not part of this class.

I was also taking pictures of people with my pinhole camera. This is a challenge because you don’t always know what’s in the shot. I had some pretty good luck.

Pinhole #10

Here is a link to pinhole photos only.

And here’s a link to all my photos from Penland (including the pinhole photos).

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen