Margie's Place Menu

The following menu was written by my step-father Bob, and printed for all dinner guests. It described our Thanksgiving meal, November 28, 1974. Everyone in attendance was celebrated with an appropriate dish or course.

Bon Appetite: This Thanksgiving Dinner was designed to be eaten graciously; for each guest to savor and dally over each of its 10 courses.

Much love, time, creativity and devotion have gone into its preparation.

Slowly contemplate the many taste sensations that will magically appear against your palate.

Also, experience the pleasure of good conversation as a delightful background to this culinary experience.

This is your Thanksgiving Dinner. It is an occasion that comes but once a year. Prepare to spend a few hours at the dinner table. It will be time pleasurably spent.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this Thanksgiving Dinner to its fullest degree: exceptional cooking amidst the warmth of a family gathering.

Hors D'oeuvres: Served in the Den.

Dry Sherry: To ward off the November chill and warm the stomach in preparation for a sumptuous meal. Mike Dwyer has his father's permission to "wing-one."

Back Bay Shrimp in a Tangy Hot Tomato Sauce: Each shrimp has been carefully selected and "shucked" immediately before serving to preserve their delicious "ocean-fresh" flavor. This is one dish that should make Jeffery [sic] Cohen forget Maine Lobster—at least for this meal.

"Arctic" Cucumber Soup: A rarity at "home" Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Hours of preparation will make this soup come out as one of the highlights of the dinner.

The Course of the Grape: Time to kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy a glass of white wine. Soda is available for Cindy Cohen and all other non-wine drinkers. Wine or soda, Bob Dwyer will see that your glass never "runs dry."

The "Big" Event: A Nat Sacoff's personally selected, hand delivered, Butterball Turkey. This Thanksgiving "tradition" was basted in butter for over 5 hours to give each tender morsel the succulence of over-ripe Florida orange.

Flanking this masterpiece will be:

(A) Stuffing a la Bee Bee Bass (an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation).

(B) Sweet Potato casserole. (The sweet potato is standard with a Thanksgiving Dinner, but have you ever had sweet potato a la Margie Dwyer. Ask Ronnie Sacoff).

(C) Cranberry pineapple mold. (This recipe was found 15 years ago hiding in a nondescript book. Three cheers for that book!!)

(D) Layered cranberry mold (Isabelle Sacoff got this one out of the newspaper. For Isabelle's sake let's hope it's good).

(E) Creamed onions a la Scotty Dwyer (Make you a bet! Scotty starts eating them and doesn't stop).

(F) Broccoli with cheddar cheese in casserole. (Suzy-Jo Dwyer will flip over this "goodie").

The Course of "Reflection": Champagne will be served to slow down the meal, enliven the conversation and prepare for the "delights" to come.

Soda is available for those non-wine imbibers. Jo-Ann Gingold try the Champagne. You'll like it.

Desserts from the Famous Rolling Cart: Pumpkin Pie, Mince Pie, Apple Pie, Lemon Chiffon Pie, Ice Cream. This course is dedicated to Jaime Gingold, who we are told loves desserts.

The Wind-Up: Coffee, fruit, nuts, stuffed dates, stuffed prunes.

The Close: Brandy served in the Den.

The fire is going. The brandy comforting. Let's solve all the problems of the world.

The Bread: A new culinary delight of Margie's Place.

It's Pumpkin Bread.

Don't eat too much of this delicious delicacy Paul Gingold or you'll have trouble with the rest of the meal.

The Butter: This butter has been carefully selected for its low calorie and cholesterol count. Eva Dwyer, thank you.  

Thanks to Liz for the superb service.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen