Lost Dog

We need to replace the gates to our fenced in backyard because they are falling apart and are difficult to open and close. Instead of waiting for our fence contractor to show up and build new wooden gates, I took down the old ones.

I'm more worried about animals coming in to our yard that I worry about Pepper leaving the yard. He is very attached to us and goes in an out of the house when we do.

I was watering the grass and Pepper was sitting on our patio. From where I was standing I couldn't see him. He was blocked by a large planter. I also had my earbuds in so I couldn't hear him if he started barking.

After about 10 minutes I put the hose down and walked to where I could see him. He wasn't there. I looked around for him. I called him. I clapped my hands. I went out the front gate. I looked on the front porch. I looked up and down the street. I went back into the yard and looked in all of the corners. I looked under bushes.

I called his name again.

I looked toward the screen porch and saw him. How'd he get there? The door pushes in, so it's easy for him to go inside the porch. But I didn't know he could do that himself. I've never seen him do it before.

I never pictured the lost dog signs I would put up in the neighborhood, but I was briefly worried.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen