Little Debbie

We share a zip code with Collegedale, TN. That is the home of Little Debbie. While there is not a factory tour, there is a factory store. We make our first trip there.

I have so many Little Debbie memories. I was introduced to Nutty Buddys in high school when I moved to Florida. They became my go-to lunch dessert, sold at the student government concession stand. Jon was a Star Crunch fan.

And then my kids had their favorites. Peter was a fan of Swiss Cake Rolls. Without adult guidance he would eat an entire box. And Gray ate Cosmic Brownies from the vending machine at my office.

The store was a bit overwhelming because each item was packaged different ways. Single wrapped. Double wrapped. Eight in a box. Sixteen in a box. Regular size. Big size.

And what really got me was that the Little Debbie company (McKee Foods) owns the Drake's brand as well. Those are the snack cakes of my youth. Devil Dogs. Ring Dings. Yodels.

I got Devil Dogs and Nutty Buddys. Deborah got a few other things to round out the order. And the prices really do make it seem like a factory store. Especially the manager's specials with fast approaching best by dates.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen