Life Summarized

How do you describe someone's life after they pass away? An obituary is the long description of someone's life, but with famous people, it is the first line of their obit that is often the thing they are most known for. This may or may not be the thing they want to be known for but it is the thing they are most known for. Sometimes that's the price of fame.

The New York Times has a section of notable deaths in 2023 where they aggregate links to this year's obituary. Every person gets a photo, name, age and a one line summarizing their life. Below are some of the more poetic or interesting ones:

Jimmy Buffett: Roguish bard of island escapism

Tony Bennett: Jazzy crooner of the American songbook

Burt Bacharach: Composer who added a high gloss to the '60s

Friedrich Cerha: Composer who finished an incomplete masterpiece

Charlie Thomas: A Drifter in song nearly all his life

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen