Las Vegas

I am sitting in the airport ready to leave Las Vegas after a business trip. I came for a trade show with my client. It had been pretty crazy leading up to the show, but things went very well, and there was great response to the booth and the new products. I am partial to the trading card packs that we did for the new products, because not only is it a unique idea, but it is small and easy to carry. I have a pile of brochures in my suitcase that were quite heavy.

Wingin’ over the Rockies

Wingin’ over the Grand Canyon

After a long flight on Monday and a seemingly endless taxi line, we checked in at the hotel. We picked up some boxes that we shipped and headed to the show. After helping with some final details, we left and went to dinner at the French bistro at The Venetian hotel. I had halibut soup and mussels. Both were fabulous.

Tuesday night after a good day at the show, we went out to Roy’s for Hawaiian fushion food. We shared several kinds of sushi, including one with seared Kobe beef, which was very good. I also tried a mango mojito. Anything with mango is good in my book. After dinner we went out to the casino at New York New York. I played a dollar in the slot machine for Adrianne and hung out for a little bit. Eventually I cabbed back to my hotel.

The Strip at Night

The Munsters slot machine that took Adrianne’s dollar

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen