Imagine Tourists

Sitting on the edge of Central Park's Strawberry Fields watching tourists pose on the Imagine mosaic is a relaxing way to spend the morning. There is a guitarist playing and singing Beatles songs. The sun comes out just as he plays Here Comes the Sun. Which is the cause and which is the effect?

John Lennon died more than 40 years ago just out of view of this spot in front of the looming Dakota. While The Beatles music is iconic, it is hard to imagine (pun intended) that so many people would make a pilgrimage to this memorial. Granted, they are very few kids posing for pictures, besides the ones in family photos.

After 2 years of pandemic times it is good to be outside and among people. They flow through this spot with a natural rhythm. Sometimes the mosaic is blocked by people. Sometimes it is empty. The guitarist keep playing and singing.

Walking tours come through. Guides holding up umbrellas. People speaking French, Spanish, German. Different fashion sense. Different brand logos. Chunkier shoes.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen