Hi from Sunny Florida

We had a pretty quiet day today. We slept late, ate breakfast outside on the deck (or lanai as they say in Florida) and watched the Parade in HD. We finally went out in the golf cart and drove down to the river. I was speeding along at 18 miles per hour.

We went to the putting green where the kids got some practice shots in. Peter is determined to beat me at miniature golf tomorrow.

After a quick snack we stopped off at the butterfly garden. Grace was sitting in the golf cart and honked the horn. I saw a big splash out of the corner of my eye. I told the kids I thought it might be an alligator. We waited and watched the pond. All of a sudden I saw the eyes and nostrils of a small alligator. I pointed it out and the kids got nervous. We saw it began to swim back to shore, and the kids said let’s go. I put the pedal to the metal and sped away in the golf cart at something under 18 miles per hour (No gator photos, as we were moving too fast).

And finally, we had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner (out) at the Club restaurant here in my Mom’s development. We have been having Thanksgiving dinner at the club for the past 8 years. My mom decided that she would rather spend time with us, instead of cooking for two days, so we started going out. Tonight she said, maybe next year I’ll cook for Thanksgiving. We will see.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen