Gathering of the Things

Before I leave the house, I need to fill my pockets with my things. My keys hang by the garage door. My wallet used to be in my nightstand drawer in the bedroom. Then it moved to a pottery container in the kitchen. Now it's back in the bedroom. My notebook and pen are in the living room, next to my reading chair.

Once the pockets are filled, there are other things I need. My shoes are by the front door. My glasses are in the bedroom. Unless I have already left the house and then my glasses are on my face.

There is not a preferred order to this, but there are ways that make more sense than others. Those do not involve backtracking or entering a room a second time. Sometimes it feels like I'm going in circles to get out the door.

Even the dog recognizes the gathering of the things. He knows which things I pick up are significant. He can also identify the circling.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen