End of the Year

Every morning the sun rises and I get up and move through the day. The calendar clicks forward another number and I do it again the next day. A granular view of time feels like a human construct, however, science defines a day as a single rotation of the Earth on its axis and a year as a single revolution around the sun. The construct is what we call them, how we count them and when we started. Regardless, the days add up to a year.

And we have reached the end of another year.

Lots of momentous things happened this year. More will happen next year. The choice of this day feels like an arbitrary end. Why does the year end early in winter? Doesn't the end of winter/the beginning of spring seem like a better option for new beginnings?

But here are. We will celebrate the turning of a page of the calendar. We hope next year will be better, especially after a stretch of bad years. However, things don't seem to be improving and likely will get worse. We can do our part to make things better, at least in our own little universes.

As they say, Happy New Year to those that celebrate.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen