Dinner at Uchiko. Even Better than Uchi

Tonight we ate at Uchiko, a Japanese Farmhouse Dining restaurant. It is the alternate version of Uchi, which is a more traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. Kipp and I went without a reservation, and were seated immediately at the sushi bar. This meant that during our meal, we interacted with one of the sushi chefs who prepared some of our food.

Here is my tweet from after we finished. Photos and descriptions of the food follow.

buri – winter yellowtail mint, green tea oil, garlic chips

sunchoke dashi spring vegetables, arugula, noble sherry, bottarga

baby artichokes lardo, thyme, saffron

yokai berry atlantic salmon, dinosaur kale, asian pear, yuzu

countryside farms rabbit nam thai chili, mustard, fennel, breakfast radish

sushi sampler

pork jowl brussel sprout kimchee, preserved lemon crème fraiche, romaine

bbq scallop sashimi kaffir lime, cilantro stems, breakfast radish

jar jar duck countryside farms duck, kumquat confit, rosemary smoke

fried milk choco­late milk, toasted milk, iced milk sherbet

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen