Day Six and Final at Penland

On our last day we had show and tell to display our work from the week for others. People were interested in how we took such pictures with a variety of cans. We also had music. Here’s our teacher Pinky playing cello.

Pinky Bass Playing Cello

Here is a link to all my best photos from the week in a slide show. Note that there are 101 photos (and these are culled out from many, many more).

This was a fabulous week for me. It was not restful, but it was energizing. I met a lot of great people. I learned a lot of interesting things that stretched my creativity and taught me how to look at things differently. One really does not have too many opportunities in their life to be totally immersed in something without their normal distractions. I need to keep my eye out for future programs like this.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen