Day Four at Penland

It was a cold and drizzly day today, so we worked in the studio on our projects. I shot tools and scrap metal to make clip art for Xerox transfer. I put more photos on metal and wood using lazertran. At the urging of Doug, I began work on a big collage using found images from magazines, sheet music and other random bits of paper. Doug described these layered collages as representing the past, present and future.

I also gathered scrap metal from behind the metal studio.

Metal Shop Trash

At the end of the day when I declared my collage done, Doug suggested that I print one of my pinhole images large enough to cover the collage to add another layer. Collage is not really my thing, and I was here to try new things, and I said sure. I printed it out, so I could trim the pages and apply to my collage in the morning.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen