Craft Projects Take Time

I went to a craft store to buy a simple frame. Every time I walk into a craft store I feel like I have bumped my head and accidentally wandered into a craft store. I do not like craft stores.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the customer experience at retail stores and somebody at the craft store needs to think about it too. They are trying too hard.

I made a $2 purchase and paid cash. I said it was a simple frame. In addition to my receipt, I got three other receipt slips. One encouraged me to join their loyalty program. Another offered me a discount if I take a survey. And the last one was a 50% off coupon valid for one week, but a week from now.

This makes me think about two concepts from digital marketing: converting unknown visitors to known visitors and progressive profiling. These three offers that came with my receipt are about getting to know me and encouraging me to shop more, but it is not wise to throw all of these at me at the same time. Especially since I just spent $2 in cash. I am not a likely good customer. Just give me the survey. That way I can be identified and encouraged to return to the store.

Every craft project takes time and the store needs to act the same way with their customers.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen