Camping Disruption

We arrived at our reserved campsite and two tents were still set up. The picnic table was piled high with food. In the middle of the site was a living room floor lamp without a shade. The light was on. There did not seem to be anyone there.

We went back to the ranger station told the ranger our site was still occupied. He told us to go to the beach for about an hour and when we can back to the site everything would be sorted.

We left the campground to run to the convenience store. A police car and two ambulances passed us. They were going towards the campground, but we couldn't be sure their destination.

When we got back to our campsite, we were greeted by flashing lights and people milling about. The paramedics we removing bodies from the tents. It was time to drive home and sleep in our bed. The great outdoors was not calling us.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen