Broken Ring

Our wedding rings are cool and we ordered them from the internet. We order most things from the internet, so that shouldn't have any bearing on this. My ring is black ceramic and Deborah's is silver-colored tungsten. They both have embedded volcanic rock on the outside and engraved fingerprints on the inside. I said they were cool.

Barely a couple after we got them, the volcanic rock started flaking off of mine. I sent it back to the jeweler for a replacement. He said he would make the rock thicker. It was fine for a while, but the volcanic rock started flaking off again.

We decided to get new rings that were just black tungsten with the embossed fingerprints. When they arrived, they fit well and looked nice. Deborah's original ring never really fit. It was too big. The problem with the new rings was that the embossed fingerprints looked printed. We sent them back.

We've been meaning to go to a local jewelry store and see what our options are in black rings. Either we are too cool and everything needs to be black, or you just rethink things in a second marriage.

Meanwhile, the volcanic rock on my original ring is half gone.

From the kitchen, I heard the sound of something crashing and breaking. I had no idea what it was. Deborah came out with a sour look on her face and handed me half her ring. Where's the other half, I asked. No idea, she answered.

She had shook her hand and ring flew off. It hit the floor and broke. We still don't know how the metal broke clean in half. And we can't find the other half. Using a flashlight, I looked under the stove and under the fridge. It's got to be here somewhere. We will find it someday.

Now we really need new rings be Deborah doesn't have one.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen