Bath Time

Occasionally I decide to take a bath. I couldn’t sleep and I thought the bath would relax me. Even though I know I am not very good at baths I always approach them with high expectations. I put on music. I bring a book and my reading glasses. I even set a small towel on the edge of the tub to dry my hands if they get wet.

I have trouble getting the water temperature right. It is always too hot, so I can’t get in. I turn the water colder to balance out the water in the tub. This doesn’t quite work, so I get in while the water is still too hot. I tentatively lean back against the cold wall as I get used to the water temperature. If I stop paying attention the cold water makes the whole tub of water cold.

Once I settle into the water, I don’t know how to sit. I am not a tall person, but if my legs are straight then my body mostly out of the water. That’s not very relaxing. If I bend my legs so my body is underwater then I can’t stay that way very long.

At this point I try to find the happy medium between these two positions, but in doing so I splash the towel on the side of the tub. I dry my hands on the dry corner of the towel and consider reading. Reaching for my book, I splash water on the floor. Plus I still don’t know how I’m going to sit and read. At this point I give up. I open the drain and get out. And now I need to take a shower.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen