A New House

We bought a new house and we're moving to Chattanooga. It will be exciting to settle in a new area and make a new home with Deborah. As opposed to her squeezing her stuff into the corners of my house.

I first moved to North Carolina nearly 40 years ago when I arrived on Duke's campus on a hot, dusty August day. As a typical college student, I went home for summers. But four years later I moved to Carrboro for grad school at UNC and no longer "lived at home."

After graduation I moved to Florida for a short stint and then briefly settled in New York. I moved back to North Carolina in 1990 nearly for good with the exception of a move for a job that didn't work out in Indiana.

So all told, I've been in North Carolina for 36 of the last 4o years. And now we're moving to Tennessee. At least it's still in the Eastern Time Zone.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen