2 Birds > 1 Bird

In a different part of my life, I bought a small artwork with simple relief carving of a single bird on a wire. This was me. Alone on a wire. Surveying all I could see. I had expected that was what my life would look like. And that was okay.

I met Deborah and my outlook changed. We are partners against the world. We support each other. In our wedding vows we promised to help each other become better versions of ourselves.

But the single bird on the wire still hung on the wall. We liked it, but it no longer carried the meaning that it used to.

It has now been replaced with a different style art block with two birds on a wire. A local Chattanooga painted it for us. She had many single bird paintings and we asked if she could paint two birds. Two birds are better than one.

The custom painting is a simple representation of where our lives are now. Together.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen