10 Ways You Know You Are a Content Marketer Returning from CM World

1. No matter how many times people tell you it's quality over quantity, you start to quiver if you haven't published a wrap up post after an event.

2. Every meal you eat out is evaluated for its Instagrammability.

3. You hear Ann Handley's voice echoing in your head every time you write a headline.

4. You dream of Joe Pulizzi's orange suits.

5. You're really happy that Jay Baer shared his Mom Test filter, but it makes you want to call your mom.

6. You listen to every conversation as if it's a potential piece of content and when someone starts telling a story, sometimes you stop them so you can capture the whole thing on video with your phone.

7. You are not a discontented marketer, so long as you are documenting your strategy.

8. You divide the contents of your conference swag bag into content marketing and product marketing, and immediately recycle the product stuff.

9. You pay more attention to your surroundings than your family and friends do, because you are constantly looking for things to blog about.

10. Every time you create a list of 10 things you think about Spinal Tap and wonder if the list should go to 11.

This post originally appeared on the Modern Marketing Blog.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen